Sunday, August 9, 2009

ADMU7704E: Failed while trying to start the Windows Service associated with

Exception while starting Websphere server:

ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file C:\Program
ADMU7701I: Because server1 is registered to run as a Windows Service, the
request to start this server will be completed by starting the
associated Windows Service.
ADMU7704E: Failed while trying to start the Windows Service associated with
server: server1;
probable error executing WASService.exe: Starting
Service: PG13Node01
Timed out waiting for service to respond to
command, after 60 seconds.Failed to start service, or timed out
while waiting for start to complete. Check the logs for details.


In the logs folder for the server, (e.g. ...\profiles\app\logs\server1 )
there is a file called, in this case, this file, contains the process id for the server process.
This file it's supossed to be deleted when the server shuts down, but when the server crash down, or when some 'unusual' situation happens the file is not deleted, then when the server is trying to start and find this file, it doesn't start and give some weird exceptions, I don't know why, because I checked and the process id in the file most of the time it's not used by the OS, anyway the server simply doesn't start.

so simply delete the file, and start the server.


  1. Thank you for this tremendously helpful post - I've got this exact same cryptic error message. Your solution worked like a charm.

  2. Hi,

    i dont have that file at all at my logs directory, later i understood that because of my editing server.xml this issue is raised, so i removed that entry from server.xml and worked for me .

    The path of server.xml i edited is